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Zero Defects No Leaks

Our Custom Seal Roofing system performs because we pay attention to details and demand quality. We begin with the highest quality and performance PVC and TPO membranes.


Custom Seal Roofing

A Choice for Quality

Custom Seal Roofing Systems is the manufacturing leader of single-ply roofing systems. As a family-owned and operated business with decades of hands-on experience, Custom Seal’s founding vision was to provide high quality products backed by top-rated contractors who share our commitment to quality and our passion for performance.

Years later, we live out our vision by offering more options, more membranes and custom accessories than ever before to our network of national and international customers.

We pre-assemble the roofing system in our facility with state-of-art CNC programmable welding equipment with laser alignment. Our experienced people strive to produce roofing systems with zero defects to protect our superior record of customer satisfaction.

Custom Seal installations are successful for several reasons. Our innovative custom details are designed and produced for ease of installation, leak-free performance, and good looking results. The finished roof installation is more aesthetically pleasing than other processes, and several color options are available.


Our roofing system has a longer leak-free life than other roofing products. The Custom Seal roof can be applied to any roof whether it be new construction or a retrofit application, at a cost that is very competitive.
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A Reputation Worth Protecting

Custom Seal, Inc. roofs are installed only by top rated contractors. How do we know? Because we are very selective about the contractors that we supply with our materials. Our contractors are selected by proven past performance. We maintain a data base of approved contractors.

In a partnership with Arizona State University, PBSRG, Custom seal has established rigorous performance and monitoring standards for our contractors as well as the performance of our installed roofing systems. Together we have developed and implemented customer satisfaction surveys. It is important to all of us at Custom Seal to maintain our 100% record of customer satisfaction.

What About User Friendly

Custom Seal roofing materials are 80% pre assembled at our plant and then carefully shipped to the contractor. The remaining details that need to be finished on site are designed for ease of installation by the contractor on the roof. The design of the custom details allow for clean, smooth welds that ensure leak-free performance… as well as enhance the overall roof appearance.
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