one man working on TPO roofing

TPO Membrane Benefits

  • Minimal Shrinkage
  • Exceptional tear strength
  • Greater seam strength
  • Excellent resistance to ozone
  • Long-term flexibility and dimensional stability
  • Resistant to variety of rooftop contaminants
  • Contains no oils or compounds that support algae or fungi
  • Excellent UL fire code approvals
  • Complete line of custom accessories and multiple color options
At Custom Seal Roofing, customers may choose from two top quality membranes: TPO or PVC membranes.

Our exceptional quality TPO membrane (a thermoplastic polyolefin) offers the weather-resistance of rubber and the performance of seams welded with hot air.

While also being resistant to tears and punctures, the TPO membrane maintains its protective properties under the most extreme weather conditions and is available in multiple colors.

The Custom Seal TPO membrane is available in roll goods, with pre-fabricated accessories and wall flashings. It is also comes in a variety of colors. Custom Seal recently created a new machine specifically to address the need for custom TPO curbs, outside corners and scupper boxes. Custom Seal is now the only roofing system manufacturer in the world that produces custom fabricated accessories for the TPO membrane. Our custom products make for a roofing system that is both easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Seal white TPO meets EPA and DOA Energy Star requirements, which can reduce energy consumption and heat buildup.

As always, all of our products are backed by a full warranty – our guarantee that your next leak proof roof is just an installation away!
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